We provide gently used clothing through 30 minute appointments that can be made every 3 months. During that time, an individual may shop for themselves or for others in their family. We encourage everyone who wears adult sized items to make their own appointment and every adult inside the building will need their own appointment as well. A missed appointment will not be rescheduled for 4 months due to high demand. You will need to provide a picture id when you arrive for your appointment.

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment, you can fill out the form below or message us on Facebook. We will email you an appointment time when we process your request. Appointment requests will be scheduled on a first come / first serve basis and will be scheduled during our office hours of 9-4 Monday - Friday. You can also contact us at (937) 503-2841 to schedule an appointment over the phone during our normal scheduling hours of 9am-4pm Monday - Friday.

Appointment Times

We offer a variety of morning and evening appointments.

client appointment time client client appointment session

Appointment Request Form

After you send this request in please be checking your email promptly for a response to get your appointment scheduled. Your timely response is necessary to be scheduled.

Reminder: Appointments can only be made every three months, and a picture id is required at the time of your appointment.